The Makers

Meet Jasmine and Chelsea, best friends who bonded quickly and share a love of all all things music, fragrance, family, and affordable luxuries. While their similarities are vast, their personalities reflect their fragrance choices; Chelsea, the slightly edgy one, prefers earthy fragrances like fig and patchouli, and Jasmine prefers clean citrus fragrances and classic blends. These friends are self-taught chandlers and their passion to create a high-end candle at an affordable cost is just as important today as it was when they started...

Aura Style Studio.jpg

The Candle

In 2009 Chelsea and Jasmine began handcrafting their candles using premium ingredients; natural wax, lead-free wicks, and phthalate-free custom blended fragrances. They hand pour every candle themselves, laughing and chatting away as they go. They work together to give each one a unique name that evokes its personality and style...and a little bit of theirs, too. They personally pack each and every order from their small studio in San Diego, ensuring every candle meets their ridiculously high standards. And they have fun doing it. Each and every day...all the makings of the perfect candle.