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limitless; grandiose

a creamy and scrumptious blend of blood orange, vanilla bean, vanilla orchid, and amber

Phthalate Free / Natural Wax / Lead Free Wick

Size: 6 ounces

Burn Time: 25+ hours with proper wick care

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Cosmic is out of this world! 26 June 2013

Review: My favorite scent by far! Soy-blended candles are incredible and leave your entire room with the most therapeutic smell!


My name is Susan Webster Adams and Im addicted to Cosmic 29 September 2010

Review:I am crazy in love with Cosmic. Definitely one of my favorite scents ever. I love how you used blood orange. So fresh and pure. The vanilla bean makes it yummy without being overly sweet and works perfectly with the blood orange. I also like how you added a touch of amber to deepen the scent without dominating the fragrance. LOVE! This candle will definitely be a staple for me. The candle burned cleanly and easily and left so little residue on the glass. Very impressed with that. So few candle lines leave the glass that clean! No soot, flickering of fuss. Very well done!


A winner! 18 September 2010

Review: I buy alot of candles, with Voluspa being my favorite Luxury Candles. I consider Aura Candles to be right up there next to them!! These ladies did a Fabulous job with Cosmic. It smells like Creamscicles. I burn it all the time, and the scent is long lasting. The packaging and product card are top of the line. Go no further if searching for a gift for friends, family or my personal favorite, YOURSELF!! Thanks Chelsea and Jasmine, looking forward to Facade and Karma next!!


BEST CANDLES EVER!!!! 9 September 2010

Review: I just received Cosmic it as a gift and I already love it. I love candles and this is a truly amazing candle! Beautiful relaxing scent plus I can smell it in the entire house! Definitely in my birthday wishlist!


Aura Candles Burn Clean~ 17 August 2010

Review: I love they way these candles burn so cleanly! All the way to the bottom and almost no soot. I am obsessed with Cosmic - its sweet yet warm and earthy all at the same time. Such a comfort smell.