When Aura co-founders, Jasmine and Chelsea met, they couldn’t believe how similar they were. Both detail-oriented Virgos, married one week apart, raising two beautiful children, and both not so great on the saxophone, which they played in middle school. Their professional backgrounds however were vastly different. Chelsea spent over 10 years in the investment world, while Jasmine was CEO of her family’s wholesale distribution facility. When their children were born, both decided to ditch their professions to become stay at home moms. While this was an amazing opportunity, they longed for something more…

Early on in their friendship, Jasmine and Chelsea discovered another similarity; their passion for scents, and particularly high-end scented candles, which given the career change, was not high on the priority list of purchases. The longing they felt had met its match and the idea to create a high-end candle that was affordable was born. As it turns out, the idea was the easy part. Chelsea and Jasmine spent countless hours together learning, researching, blending and testing…all done during nap time! And once they had a finished product, they easily agreed on a name, Aura.

Aura Candles are comprised of a custom proprietary blend of soy wax, premium fragrance and essential oils, and lead-free wicks. The packaging represents Jasmine and Chelsea’s personalities; fun, slightly edgy (they have been to lots of rock concerts together), simple yet detailed, and always down to earth.